Rebecca Chance shares an extract from Bad Brides

rebeccachanceI’m very excited to be participating in the Sex Me Up readathon and equally flattered to have been asked for an extract from Bad Brides to share with all the SexMeUpReadathon readers! As an author who loves to write sex scenes, I’ve noticed that in many interviews – particularly ones done by women – the interviewer will ask me if I’m embarrassed to write raunchy scenes. This used to really annoy me, and frankly it still does – but I’ve realised now that it’s actually about their own embarrassment. Crime writers never get asked if they’re embarrassed to write horrible torture porn or rape scenes! And yet happy sex, with people having a great time, is supposed to be shameful somehow.
It speaks volumes about the society we live in that people who write happy sex get judged this way. I even had that ghastly old warhorse, Anneka Rice, tell me repeatedly in a panel discussion that I wrote ‘dirty books’ – can you imagine? Very amusingly, a woman in the audience actually stood up and told her that she was being really rude and judgemental to people who enjoyed sexy books, and also called her sexist. So that was nice! But obviously, there’s still a way to go – so huge kudos to She Loves To Read and the Sex Me Up readathon for emphasising that there’s nothing wrong or dirty about writing, reading, or having great sex!

She rolled over, reached down, closed her hand around his stiff cock. He felt like wailing with pleasure, but somehow managed to keep it to a more manly groan. Her voice was smug as she said softly:

‘Well, you’re good to go again, aren’t you?’

‘I’m gagging for it,’ Edmund said, leaning forward, finding her mouth, plunging his tongue into it deeply, exactly what he wanted to do with his cock. Her hands came up and twined in his sweat-curled hair, pulling it closer, kissing him back, their tongues battling for supremacy, their teeth biting each other’s lips, his hands now buried in her long hair, pulling it, hearing her moan as he did that, pulling it harder, twisting it into a rope, really dragging it now, feeling her pressing even tighter against him. Obviously she liked this, wanted it badly, and he was hugely grateful because he absolutely loved it, was horrified how much he did love it, how pulling her long hair made him even harder, even keener to fuck her as hard as she’d fucked him –

‘Fuck me up the ass and pull my hair!’ she said, managing to wrest her mouth from his. ‘Do it, fuck me up the ass, now, do it – ’

Edmund had never done this before in his life, and her words made his balls tighten in soaring anticipation.

‘Go slow at first,’ she said, turning over and pushing up her bottom. ‘That’s a big cock you’ve got there. Take your time and then fuck me with everything you’ve got.’

He didn’t need to be told twice: he was already behind her, reaching between her legs for her own moisture, working it into the cleft of her arse, again and again, making it a series of caresses, hearing her wail and push against his hand, her face, he assumed, buried in a pillow, because her pleas of ‘Fuck me, fuck me, do it, please fuck me now’ were muffled, taking his time until he thought he had enough lubrication not to hurt her too much, and, to be honest, enjoying torturing her, making her beg for it until she was screaming in frustration into the pillow, and then, finally, when he couldn’t bear it any more himself, dipping the tip of his cock for a second into her pussy for extra wetness and then dragging it up to where she wanted it, easing it in.

‘Oh Jesus fuck!’ he said as her body closed around him, the sensation of entering the tight ring of muscle incredibly intense. He could feel how snug the fit was, understood what she’d meant, did his absolute best to go as slowly as he could, feeling as if his head was going to explode with the sheer excitement of doing something this taboo, of fucking his fiancée in the arse – he leant forward, felt for her mane of hair, grabbed it and pulled back – Jesus, burying his cock in his fiancée’s tight arse while tugging on her hair, starting to fuck her like she’d said, with everything he had –

She was screaming her head off into the pillow now, a stream of filthy encouraging curses, calling him a dirty bastard, a fucking dirty animal, her arse pumping back against his balls, clearly loving what he was doing to her: emboldened, he twined her hair around one of his wrists, pulled harder, forcing  her to arch up off the pillow, and with his other hand he landed a hard slap on her arse cheek.

It sent her even more wild. She bucked beneath him frantically, and it sounded as if she’d stuffed one hand into her mouth to keep her from shrieking: ‘Yes, yes, fuck yes, oh fuck yes, do it, fucking do it!’ he heard her crying into her knuckles, and he lifted his palm and spanked her again, a whole series of spanks, her firm flesh quivering every time, his cock pounding inside her, finding a rhythm where he drove deep, pulled out almost to the tip, landed a slap and then thrust inside her again. It was ecstasy, it was the most intense thing he’d ever done, it was actually going to burst the top of his head right off if he didn’t tell himself he could come almost immediately, his balls were so tight it was agony –

He managed, somehow, to reach around, to grab her mound in his palm and find her clit with his finger and bring her off: she went absolutely limp as she came, as if all the bones in her body had dissolved, and once he knew she was done he let go and came like a runaway train hitting the buffers at full blast. It was as if his cock actually blew up, exploded inside her for good, like a bomb detonating. He knew exactly how she’d felt, coming, because he went limp too, collapsing on top of her with his entire weight, something he would never normally do because it was so ungentlemanly to crush a woman like that, as if she were the mattress…

But then, nothing I’ve done with her has been remotely gentlemanly. And the more I acted like an animal, the more she liked it – and God, the more she acted like an animal, the more I bloody loved it…

They were both running with sweat, her back wet with it, his chest plastered to her shoulderblades. His heart was pumping out of his chest, and beneath him he could hear her panting, feel her own body heaving as she also struggled to catch her breath. His head was resting on her upper back, and he licked her sweat, tasting it, her salt and his, and he felt her tremble beneath him just at this touch of his tongue.

He had never been so reluctant to slide his cock out of a woman in his life. He held on as long as he could, till he couldn’t help it, and even then she moaned softly as his shrinking cock eventually slipped out of her. They turned on their sides as one, and he pressed himself against her back, spooning her, trying to get as much of himself as he could against her smooth skin, her wonderful round arse, wrapping an arm over her and closing his hand over her equally wonderfully round and heavy breast. He was going to kiss the back of her neck, but then he thought better of it, opening his mouth instead and sinking his teeth just fractionally into the damp skin, rewarded by the sensation of her whole body trembling in response.

‘I need to sleep, tiger,’ she mumbled, already halfway there by the sound of her voice. ‘Give me a couple of hours and then I’ll suck you off.’

Edmund groaned. ‘Not fair, when we need to sleep… ’

‘Who said I was fair?’ she mumbled.

He put his lips to her ear and whispered:

‘I bet you’ll like it if I bite your pussy when I go down on you, won’t you?’ and this time it was she who moaned, unable to help herself writing against him.

‘Fuck yes,’ she sighed. ‘You bastard.’

And she did.


badbridesLike this extract? Buy Bad Brides here

Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing this absolutely fabulous extract and for showing that writing and reading about sex isn’t, and never will be, dirty.

You can find Rebecca on Twitter, Facebook and on her website


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