Closing Post and Giveaway Winners!

I can only apologise for how long it has taken me to write this post. Sometimes life and crazy life events get in the way and things like this, unfortunately, have to take a back seat. However, FEAR NOT for here is the closing post!

We want to say a HUMONGOUS thank you to all authors, publishers and bloggers who got involved in the SexMeUpReadathon. To all readers who joined in and tweeted about it – thank you! You all made it the success that it was and we cannot thank you enough for your incredible enthusiasm and excitement for the week.

We had a really great week and we are hoping to run something similar again around Christmas time. We now know what works, what doesn’t work and what we need to improve on so hopefully it will be a lot slicker and easier to follow next time.

We hope you all enjoyed reading posts from some of the most popular authors in the erotic fiction/new adult genre as well as reading some short stories and being recommended a plethora of naughty books!

Below I will detail the winners of the giveaway. Please can you email me at with your name and a postal address so I can pass these on to the authors/publishers who will send your prizes directly to you.


Winners of the Headline Eternal Giveaway

– Linda Brennan

– Rose Gomesky

– Beth Combs-Kelton

Winners of the Jackie Collins Giveaway 

– Louise Wykes

– Lizzy Dreamer

Winner of the Kat Black Giveaway

– Jen @CricketAndBooks

Winner of the Primula Bond Giveaway

– Carolyn Morgan

Winner of the eBook copy of The Perfect Submissive and paperback copy of Sexy Just Walked Into Town 

– Jennifer Anderson


One Stormy Day by Amelia Thorne


I first saw him standing in the first floor window of the old lighthouse on a stormy day. He was huge, filling the window with his powerful height and broad shoulders. I had glimpsed two or three day old stubble, a long fringe that swept across his eyes and a fierce expression, but as the sky had lit up with lightning he had vanished.
I had been swimming out to the old lighthouse every day for the last five years and had never seen anyone there before. The place was supposed to be abandoned, though I had heard rumours that someone had moved in and was doing it up.
Standing on the rocks, I stared at the window to see if he would reappear, but when the lighthouse continued to stand empty and proud in defiance of the storm, I dived back into the cool waters and started swimming back towards the mainland.
A feeling of unease twisted in my gut and as I swam through the waves, I knew he was watching me. I turned back to see him standing on the rocks, silhouetted against the cloud filled sky. He was gigantic, like an ogre. Large, muscular thighs were sheathed in dark jeans, and the large woollen jumper did nothing to hide the sheer size of his powerful arms or his hands that were clenched in fists.
He was dangerous, anyone could see that and that one glimpse should have been enough to stop me ever going out there again. But it didn’t. I went the next day and the next. Each time as I climbed out onto the rocks to take a breather from my swim, I found him in the window staring at me, each time as I swam away I saw him on the rocks, watching me leave.
The next day he was waiting for me and the anger he had shown on that first day hadn’t diminished. For some reason, as he stormed towards me, I found myself being incredibly turned on instead of being scared. He was magnificent. And if he threw me over his shoulder then and carried me back in the lighthouse to have his way with me, I would have only protested out of principle.
Sadly that wasn’t going to happen.
“What the hell are you doing here?” he roared. “This is private property.”
I laughed at this which made him look even angrier. “It’s a bunch of rocks in the middle of the sea, I don’t see how you can possibly claim them as your property.”
“They belong to the lighthouse, therefore they belong to me.”
“And the sea, the waves that are crashing on them, does that belong to you too?”
It was a ridiculous statement and he knew it. “So call the police.”
I turned away to dive into the sea but he caught my arm and pulled me back to face him. “These rocks aren’t safe.”
“I’ve been swimming out to them for years.”
“Have you heard of erosion? They’re crumbling into the sea.”
I snatched my arm from his grasp. “These rock are perfectly safe.”
To prove my point, I jumped up and down on a large rock. And to prove his point, the rock collapsed into the sea and as the waves crashed over my head everything went black.
I woke in the biggest bed I had ever seen in my entire life. The room was circular and sunlight streamed through the four large windows placed sporadically around the walls. I stretched to see if I had sustained any injuries in my fall, but as I realised I wasn’t in any pain I also realised that I was stark naked under the thin sheets. My wetsuit had been removed and was hanging over the back of the wardrobe door to dry. The audacity of the man.
The bedroom door was pushed open and the ogre walked in carrying a tray of food.
“Ah you’re awake, you had me worried there for a while.”
“I’m naked.”
He smirked and put the tray down on top of a set of drawers.
“Yes you are.”
“How did I get naked?”
“I had to make sure you weren’t injured in any way. You took quite the fall.”
“And did you have a good look.”
He grinned. “Only what was necessary. You don’t need to worry, I used to be a doctor. I’ve seen it all before. How are you feeling?”
He leaned over me, his stormy grey eyes peering into mine with concern. I wanted to be angry at him, but his strength, his size, his sudden proximity, his incredible citrusy smell, his warm breath against my face did things to my body that I had no control over.
My nipples sprang to attention under the thin sheets and as he noticed them, his eyes darkened with lust.
He stared at me. I stared at him. My heart was thundering against my chest. It was very evident what was going to happen next, the only thing I wasn’t sure about was who was going to make the first move. In the end my greedy body decided for me. I reached up, grabbed him round the back of the neck and pulled him down to kiss him hard.
He didn’t hesitate, he kissed me back, his tongue sliding into my mouth, caressing me, teasing me with what wonders was still to come.
I love foreplay, I love the touches, the build up, the anticipation but as soon as our lips met I wanted him inside me and now.
He was obviously keen too as he snatched the sheet from me, kneeling in between my legs. I yanked at his shirt, ripping it open and ran my hands across his hard chest. I expected hair and lots of it from my ogre but when all I felt was smooth skin I pulled away to look. He was smooth all over apart from a thin smattering of hair that led from his toned belly down beneath his jeans. But what surprised me was the tattoo of twists, intricate curls and bold slashes that traversed across the right side of his chest and all the way down his arm. I ran my fingers over the ink and then down the happy trail of hair to the top of his jeans, dipping my fingers inside his waistband.
He groaned and kissed me hard, filling his hands with my breasts. I arched my back, pushing my nipples into his rough hands but as his thumbs worked them into hard bullets I was surprised by the gentleness.
I pulled at the buttons of his jeans and he helped me to push them down and then off him so we were both completely naked. He was huge, in every single way.
With his hands at my hips he lifted me onto his lap and then pulled me up so I was straddling him, my chest against his, my arms round his neck. He trailed kisses down my neck then fastened his mouth over my breast.
“Oh god,” I cried out at the feel of his hot tongue caressing my nipple. I could feel his erection getting harder beneath me.
Somehow, even though there was no gap between us, his hand slid between my legs, massaging my clit with his thumb and sliding two fingers deep inside me.
I cried out. He groaned as he felt how wet I was.
“Please, I need you now,” I writhed against his fingers as he slid them slowly in and out, in and out.
He snatched his mouth from my breast and pulled my mouth onto his, his tongue sliding over mine in the exact same pattern his fingers were caressing the inside of me.
Tension rose in my stomach and travelled quickly to that sweet spot he was massaging when he suddenly withdrew his hand.
“Don’t stop.”
“I want to be inside you when you come.”
He lifted my hips and as he pulled me back down on top of him he slid deep inside me in one quick, hard thrust. He pulled me tighter against him, pulling himself in deeper.
The noise I made was guttural and not made up of any actual words. Leaning back slightly he thrust into me further so he was fully sheathed inside me.
I pushed down on him and he moaned against my throat. He took my mouth hard as he thrust into me harder, faster. I ran my hands down his back, clawing him as I rode against him, each thrust from him balanced perfectly with every movement I made.
Our bodies slid together, covered in sweat. Suddenly my orgasm ripped through me, taking me by surprise with the ferocity that it tore through my body. I screamed out, holding him tight as I clenched around him, but with a few more hard thrusts from him, I felt his hot release inside me too.
I sat with him still inside me for I don’t know how long as we stared at each other in shock waiting for our heartbeats to slow. He reached up to stroke my hair, to cup the back of my head as he kissed me, softly, thoroughly.
I pulled away slightly.
“Did we resolve the dispute over your land?” I asked.
“I don’t think we did.”
“Then I’ll be back the same time tomorrow.”
“And I’ll be waiting.”


Thank you so much Amelia for this wonderful short story! You can find Amelia on Twitter

Q&A with Erin

erinOk, question… Have you read 50 Shades Of Grey? And, if so, what do you think about it?
Yes! I have read Fifty Shades of Grey, infact I’ve read the entire trilogy more than a few times. If I’m feeling myself at a lull in really enjoyable reads I go back to it. I loved it, it was unlike anything I had really read before and I was kind of embarrassed to read it at first. It popped up on my “Amazon recommends…” before it had really hit the big time and there wasn’t really that much hype around it. By the time I had finished the trilogy it has only just begun to kick off and I could smugly say I’d read it as something that was sort of embarrassing became a massive talking point in our female dominated (pun intended) office.

Reading erotic or ‘sexy’ fiction still seems to be slightly taboo – have you ever felt judged for reading these types of books?
I think I was initially embarrassed but I’m not that embarrassed about it now. I am still selective in who I tell so I suppose that answers the question about feeling judged but it’s mainly like I don’t talk about it infront of my mum haha!

on dublinDo you have a favourite erotic novel and/or series you would like to share with us?
Ok so Fifty Shades is a must, I have just finished the Beautiful series by Christina Lauren which Victoria got me interested in. Other sexy reads like Samantha Young’s adult contemporary romance series On Dublin Street is phenomenal and also Gail McHugh’s Collide and anything by Jay Crownover!

What is it that you love most about reading erotic fiction?
There is actually some really good writing in some of the books (not going to lie, it’s not in them all) and there is often a basic storyline, usually romantic, that runs in the background and I really feel like that along with the sexiness makes the book!

There is a trend in erotic fiction for BDSM type novels or novels where there is a definite sense of ownership or power over one person. Do you enjoy reading books like this or do you think they are damaging?
I think you need to look at books like that objectively. The story is written for enjoyment and while there are aspects that will be enjoyed by everyone there are aspects that not everyone will like – and may find upsetting – hence the objectivity. The reality is these sexual relationships exist, and that each person enters into it willingly with contracts and what not so I think that as it is structured so consensually it couldn’t be described as damaging.

I read Fifty Shades having NO prior experience of that kind of relationship, definitely not in real life, nor in any other books. After reading it I felt like some of it was just really convoluted and I don’t think I would ever really want a relationship like that where you basically are expected to become another version of yourself. That’s just a personal opinion though.

collideAnd the big question – which leading man is your favourite book boyfriend?
For which week of the year would you like me to answer?!

Seriously it changes with every book I read. I really love Rule from Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series and Braden and Nate from Samantha Young’s On Dublin Street series, and of course there’s Fifty himself, gotta love some Christian.


Thank you so much Erin for answering these questions! Really great to hear what you recommend too. 

You can find the gorgeous Erin on Twitter, Facebook and of course, on her blog

Beth Kerry, J Kenner, Natasha Boyd and Karina Halle talk SEX and GIVEAWAY!

It brings me the GREATEST pleasure to be welcoming four AMAZING authors from Headline Eternal to the SexMeUpReadathon today.

Beth Kerry:

J Kenner:

Natasha Boyd:

Karina Halle:


Thank you SO much to these fabulous authors for taking the time to talk to us about sexy things! Now, do you fancy being in with a chance of winning one of THREE bundles of Headline Eternal titles, including books from the authors above?

All you need to do to be in with a chance is leave a comment below telling us what book you are currently reading for the readathon! 


Q&A With Monica Murphy

monidaOk, the big question. Have you read 50 Shades Of Grey? And, if so, what do you think about it?

Okay I have to be honest…I skimmed them. And while I can’t say they were the best books ever written in all the land, I do have to admit that there was something there within the characters and the story that hooked people from across the world and got them reading. And then in turn, the series brought a lot of focus to the romance community which I love. So I thank EL James for writing those books and I admire her success. Those books created a ton of readers. I get a lot of email from readers saying they never enjoyed reading until 50 Shades. EL James created an entire new set of readers, which is awesome.

Writing or reading erotic or ‘sexy’ fiction still seems to be slightly taboo – have you ever felt judged for reading or writing these types of books?

Absolutely, especially in my early days when I was writing erotic romance under my other pen name, Karen Erickson. Nowadays it’s more readily accepted but I’m sure people I know must think I have this wild sex life or that I write from experience. Um, not always. I just happen to have a very vivid imagination. 🙂

Do you have a favourite erotic novel and/or series you would like to share with us?

My friend Kate Pearce writes erotic historical romance (The Simply series is a favorite) and they are amazing books. So hot!

Which leading man is your favourite book boyfriend?

Oh, I absolutely CANNOT pick a favorite. This is an unfair question. Too many book boyfriends out there that I love!

What do you look for in a leading man? Or what characteristics do you make sure your leading man has? Aside from being well endowed…

Confidence. Charm. Smart. Gorgeous. You know, the usual things…. 😉


HUGE thanks to Monica for dropping by. You can find the lovely lady on her website

Rebecca Chance shares an extract from Bad Brides

rebeccachanceI’m very excited to be participating in the Sex Me Up readathon and equally flattered to have been asked for an extract from Bad Brides to share with all the SexMeUpReadathon readers! As an author who loves to write sex scenes, I’ve noticed that in many interviews – particularly ones done by women – the interviewer will ask me if I’m embarrassed to write raunchy scenes. This used to really annoy me, and frankly it still does – but I’ve realised now that it’s actually about their own embarrassment. Crime writers never get asked if they’re embarrassed to write horrible torture porn or rape scenes! And yet happy sex, with people having a great time, is supposed to be shameful somehow.
It speaks volumes about the society we live in that people who write happy sex get judged this way. I even had that ghastly old warhorse, Anneka Rice, tell me repeatedly in a panel discussion that I wrote ‘dirty books’ – can you imagine? Very amusingly, a woman in the audience actually stood up and told her that she was being really rude and judgemental to people who enjoyed sexy books, and also called her sexist. So that was nice! But obviously, there’s still a way to go – so huge kudos to She Loves To Read and the Sex Me Up readathon for emphasising that there’s nothing wrong or dirty about writing, reading, or having great sex!

She rolled over, reached down, closed her hand around his stiff cock. He felt like wailing with pleasure, but somehow managed to keep it to a more manly groan. Her voice was smug as she said softly:

‘Well, you’re good to go again, aren’t you?’

‘I’m gagging for it,’ Edmund said, leaning forward, finding her mouth, plunging his tongue into it deeply, exactly what he wanted to do with his cock. Her hands came up and twined in his sweat-curled hair, pulling it closer, kissing him back, their tongues battling for supremacy, their teeth biting each other’s lips, his hands now buried in her long hair, pulling it, hearing her moan as he did that, pulling it harder, twisting it into a rope, really dragging it now, feeling her pressing even tighter against him. Obviously she liked this, wanted it badly, and he was hugely grateful because he absolutely loved it, was horrified how much he did love it, how pulling her long hair made him even harder, even keener to fuck her as hard as she’d fucked him –

‘Fuck me up the ass and pull my hair!’ she said, managing to wrest her mouth from his. ‘Do it, fuck me up the ass, now, do it – ’

Edmund had never done this before in his life, and her words made his balls tighten in soaring anticipation.

‘Go slow at first,’ she said, turning over and pushing up her bottom. ‘That’s a big cock you’ve got there. Take your time and then fuck me with everything you’ve got.’

He didn’t need to be told twice: he was already behind her, reaching between her legs for her own moisture, working it into the cleft of her arse, again and again, making it a series of caresses, hearing her wail and push against his hand, her face, he assumed, buried in a pillow, because her pleas of ‘Fuck me, fuck me, do it, please fuck me now’ were muffled, taking his time until he thought he had enough lubrication not to hurt her too much, and, to be honest, enjoying torturing her, making her beg for it until she was screaming in frustration into the pillow, and then, finally, when he couldn’t bear it any more himself, dipping the tip of his cock for a second into her pussy for extra wetness and then dragging it up to where she wanted it, easing it in.

‘Oh Jesus fuck!’ he said as her body closed around him, the sensation of entering the tight ring of muscle incredibly intense. He could feel how snug the fit was, understood what she’d meant, did his absolute best to go as slowly as he could, feeling as if his head was going to explode with the sheer excitement of doing something this taboo, of fucking his fiancée in the arse – he leant forward, felt for her mane of hair, grabbed it and pulled back – Jesus, burying his cock in his fiancée’s tight arse while tugging on her hair, starting to fuck her like she’d said, with everything he had –

She was screaming her head off into the pillow now, a stream of filthy encouraging curses, calling him a dirty bastard, a fucking dirty animal, her arse pumping back against his balls, clearly loving what he was doing to her: emboldened, he twined her hair around one of his wrists, pulled harder, forcing  her to arch up off the pillow, and with his other hand he landed a hard slap on her arse cheek.

It sent her even more wild. She bucked beneath him frantically, and it sounded as if she’d stuffed one hand into her mouth to keep her from shrieking: ‘Yes, yes, fuck yes, oh fuck yes, do it, fucking do it!’ he heard her crying into her knuckles, and he lifted his palm and spanked her again, a whole series of spanks, her firm flesh quivering every time, his cock pounding inside her, finding a rhythm where he drove deep, pulled out almost to the tip, landed a slap and then thrust inside her again. It was ecstasy, it was the most intense thing he’d ever done, it was actually going to burst the top of his head right off if he didn’t tell himself he could come almost immediately, his balls were so tight it was agony –

He managed, somehow, to reach around, to grab her mound in his palm and find her clit with his finger and bring her off: she went absolutely limp as she came, as if all the bones in her body had dissolved, and once he knew she was done he let go and came like a runaway train hitting the buffers at full blast. It was as if his cock actually blew up, exploded inside her for good, like a bomb detonating. He knew exactly how she’d felt, coming, because he went limp too, collapsing on top of her with his entire weight, something he would never normally do because it was so ungentlemanly to crush a woman like that, as if she were the mattress…

But then, nothing I’ve done with her has been remotely gentlemanly. And the more I acted like an animal, the more she liked it – and God, the more she acted like an animal, the more I bloody loved it…

They were both running with sweat, her back wet with it, his chest plastered to her shoulderblades. His heart was pumping out of his chest, and beneath him he could hear her panting, feel her own body heaving as she also struggled to catch her breath. His head was resting on her upper back, and he licked her sweat, tasting it, her salt and his, and he felt her tremble beneath him just at this touch of his tongue.

He had never been so reluctant to slide his cock out of a woman in his life. He held on as long as he could, till he couldn’t help it, and even then she moaned softly as his shrinking cock eventually slipped out of her. They turned on their sides as one, and he pressed himself against her back, spooning her, trying to get as much of himself as he could against her smooth skin, her wonderful round arse, wrapping an arm over her and closing his hand over her equally wonderfully round and heavy breast. He was going to kiss the back of her neck, but then he thought better of it, opening his mouth instead and sinking his teeth just fractionally into the damp skin, rewarded by the sensation of her whole body trembling in response.

‘I need to sleep, tiger,’ she mumbled, already halfway there by the sound of her voice. ‘Give me a couple of hours and then I’ll suck you off.’

Edmund groaned. ‘Not fair, when we need to sleep… ’

‘Who said I was fair?’ she mumbled.

He put his lips to her ear and whispered:

‘I bet you’ll like it if I bite your pussy when I go down on you, won’t you?’ and this time it was she who moaned, unable to help herself writing against him.

‘Fuck yes,’ she sighed. ‘You bastard.’

And she did.


badbridesLike this extract? Buy Bad Brides here

Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing this absolutely fabulous extract and for showing that writing and reading about sex isn’t, and never will be, dirty.

You can find Rebecca on Twitter, Facebook and on her website

Emma Allen talks expanding sexual horizons

sex7Human beings are unique in many ways and sex is high up there among them. For most animals sex is over in a matter of seconds. But human beings have turned sex into an art and a celebration. A huge amount of effort and industry has gone into that celebration. We have devised thousands of different ways to achieve orgasm, to teasing and pleasing our sexual partners.

It is only in the last twenty years that writers could actually explore these themes (and in some countries still can’t) due to various forms of censorship. I love writing about sex for this very reason. There is so much that hasn’t been explored. One of my favourite themes is to show how someone – man or woman – who has not experienced anything but straight up and down sex can be drawn into and seduced by the more radical sexual practices. Limited only by the principle that all sexual relations must be consensual the idea of exploring aspects of bondage, masochism, sadism and discipline can be thrilling and may well enliven a disappointing sex life.

Sex is often hurried, spontaneous and instinctive. And in a relationship that is usually how it starts. But variety is the spice of life and without it sex soon becomes a chore. What I’ve tried to do in my books is show how sex can also be a ritual, a carefully thought out ritual, slow and deliberate involving all the senses. The eye should be seduced by erotic clothing, stockings, spiky high heels, satin corsets, silk lace and chiffon, tight leather straps and straining erect phalluses. The ear should be tormented by obscene and provoking words and the mouth taste and lap at the unique juices of a sexual encounter. Last of all the skin, especially the erogenous zones, should be tortured by the promise of gentle caresses followed by the titillating pain from the curl of a whip. All this takes thought, time and energy and I’ve tried to show how rewarding putting in that effort can be.

The sad thing is that many people may read my books and really want to experiment with some aspects of these experiences but will fear that in suggesting them they may alienate their partner. Judging by the number of advertisements on the internet for the services of prostitutes, especially prostitutes specialising in aspects of BDSM, the number of men who go outside their relationship to find what really turns them on, is enormous. It is more difficult to quantify how many women yearn to experience the kiss of a whip or to administer it, or to experiment with bisexuality. Well perhaps erotic fiction is one way of easing your partner into a more adventurous sexual relationship. I like to think that some aspect of what I’ve written can incite you to expand your sexual horizons, to lay down a map of the by-roads and high roads that you might like to take.

Sex, like everything that is really worthwhile, needs that thought and effort. Too often it doesn’t get it. Erotic fiction is there to tantalise and provoke. So keep on reading…


Thank you Emma! You can find out all about Emma’s books here